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MathSpring is an intelligent electronic tutoring system designed to learn along with the student. Using interactive multimedia, the MathSpring Math Tutor helps prepare middle and high school students for standardized math tests, such as the SAT, MCAS and CA-Star.

As you progress through the math problems, the tutor adapts to your individual learning pace and style. The tutor is available free to students, teachers, schools, after-school programs, and for use from home. You may log in as a guest to try the program.*

MathSpring Teacher Tools help teachers assess students’ strengths and limitations. Tutoring sessions are customized to support teacher’s lesson plans.

Our research studies show that students improved 10% of their score after 2 hours of instruction and 20% after 3 hours using our tutoring system, on problems similar to those tested in SAT, MCAS and CA-Star. For many students, this is the difference between passing and not passing the test.


 *Guests are offered all of the same lessons and exercises as registered users, but your information will not be saved for future logins.

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